Sea urchins

Are Sea Urchins Animals?

We often can find spiny and globular sea urchins on the bottom of the ocean. They can be black, purple, or in many other colors. We usually can’t notice them moving or swimming so are sea urchins animals? In this post, we’ll talk all about that but let’s start with a quick answer: Sea urchins…

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black sea urchin spines

How Long Does It Take For Sea Urchin Spines To Dissolve?

You stepped on a sea urchin. It has probably hurt a lot and now you wonder how to get rid of the spines from your skin. Will they dissolve by themselves or do you need to seek for a doctor? In this article, I’ll answer all your questions but let’s start with a quick answer:…

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Do Sea Urchins Feel Pain? (Explained)

Pain is an awkward thing to test, and it’s not even easy to define. What actually is pain? We know it as humans, but how can we tell what animals feel? Especially invertebrates (animals without a backbone) like sea urchins that don’t even make any sound, and their bodies are very different from ours. Scientists…

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How Do Sea Urchins Reproduce? (Explained)

Sea urchins are one of the marine creatures that belong to Echinoderms. They look completely different when alive or dead so have you ever wondered what their complete life cycle looks like or how do they reproduce? In this article I’ll answer all these questions but let’s begin with a quick answer: Sea urchins reproduce…

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sea urchin moving

How Do Sea Urchins Move? (Explained)

Sea urchins’ movement, like other Echinoderms, is always an interesting topic because, at first glance, they don’t have obvious limbs to do that. I remember when I was wondering myself, how they move forward, or how they stay on the bottom during strong currents. In this post, we’ll talk all about that. However, let’s start…

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long spines sea urchin

What Animals Eat Sea Urchins? (Explained)

Most of us know sea urchins as spiky animals that we should avoid touching. Their sharp venomous spines can be extremely painful to us as well as to their marine predators. When I found sea urchins for the first time, just like you wondered if there are any animals that actually want to eat them.…

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Are Sea Urchins Alive? (Explained)

Sea urchins are fascinating marine creatures. Because of their look, most people wonder if they’re actual living animals or how to recognize if the sea urchin’s shell they found is either alive or dead. Sea urchins are classified in the Echinoidea class, which includes the classic sea urchins with spiky spines and sand dollars with very…

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